Our Story



MEANING: Ethical & sustainable fashion brand supporting traditional handicraft.
ORIGIN: Never leaving our artisans behind & keeping your belongings from falling down.
EXAMPLE: My favorite Strap is from a new upcoming fair fashion brand called NeverFalls.



Our vision is to provide you with a favorite strap which tells a story of tradition, fairness & uniqueness.
Through our straps we want to have an impact on the sustainable fashion industry of tomorrow.


Connecting our four core values:

  • Female Empowerment
  • Social Impact
  • Handmade Quality
  • Unique Design 
to generate a fair income for female artisans and improve the local economy of one of the poorest states of Mexico. 



We are Nina and Nils, the two founders of NeverFalls. Being 50% German and 50% Mexican, we share a passion for Mexico and everything that is produced there.

In 2019, we spent our vacation in Oaxaca (highly recommended), where our adventure began with the search for a birthday present for Nils elder sister. She loves taking pictures but unfortunately already dropped her beloved camera several times, so we had a great idea!

Can you imagine what we were looking for? (Hint: Check our products).

After visiting many communities and talking to many people about the process of the "Telar de Cintura", it was clear to us that we wanted to support this magical art and help spread it all over the world.

With this project we want to support our homeland from afar (we currently live in Germany) and create more awareness for traditions, origins and fair fashion.