Our Artisans

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We are a cooperative of 25 female artisans from Santo Tomás Jalieza, an indigenous Mexican community with centuries of weaving history.

Our patterns and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. The learning process of the weaving technique "Telar de Cintura" starts as a child in a playful way.

Over the years, the women become professionals and evolve their own patterns which are memorised only in their heads. 


" I weave with the Telar de Cintura. When you are a child, you start playing with the threads and growing up with them. When you are about 6 years old, you realize how you learned this technique. It begins with 3 threads, then with 5 threads and then with 11 threads, until a figure starts to emerge. There is nothing written down, there are no instructions. The technique remains in memory and is never erased. "


“ For me, weaving is a way of leaving a trace behind in life. Maybe I will no longer live someday, but there will always be someone who will appreciate the work that I have done, so the tradition lives on far beyond my time. I'm happy that there are people who really recognize my work as an artisan.


“ I started weaving when i was 6 years old. Today I am proud to preserve my culture in the straps. ”

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A small fabric in Oaxaca City is responsible for the leather endings of our straps. 


" We are a company that has dedicated more than 10 years to the manufacture and repair of leather products such as jackets, wallets, bags, belts and other items. We invest our time in making products with attention to detail. That is why we love to be part of the NeverFalls project. "